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Séminaire du 17/12/2018, 16h00

De Équipe IMAGeS - Images, Modélisation, Apprentissage, Géométrie et Statistique
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lundi 17 décembre 2018, 16h00

A general approach for bivariate signal processing

Conférencier : Julien Flamant

Bivariate signals appear in a broad range of applications: polarized waveforms in seismology and optics, current velocities in oceanography, etc. Formally, bivariate signals are 2D vector time series. Existing approaches for bivariate signal processing do not provide a straightforward description of the signal in terms of its polarization properties. For this purpose we introduce a new and generic framework for processing bivariate signals. It is based on a tailored quaternion Fourier transform enabling the generalization of usual signal processing quantities such as spectral densities, analytic signals or spectrograms. This new framework re-establishes a clear interpretability in terms of polarization attributes and provides new avenues for bivariate signal processing.

In this talk, I will introduce the main features of this approach and illustrate its usefulness on synthetic and real-world data from gravitational wave physics. I will then present some signal processing perspectives triggered by the proposed framework.