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Vincent Noblet

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Research Engineer - HDR
       Head of Biomedical image processing group
       Head of computer science and image processing department of IRIS platform

ICube - IMAGeS
300 Bd Sébastien Brant
BP 10413
67412 Illkirch CEDEX - France

Illkirch site:
Phone: + 33 (0) 3 68 85 44 89
Office: C211

IPB site:
Phone: + 33 (0) 3 68 85 40 42
Office: 109

E-mail: vincent(dot)noblet(at)unistra(dot)fr


Description of activities

My research activities in the IMAGeS team are within the field of Biomedical image processing and cover two main areas:

  • image registration
  • change detection in image sequences

Furthermore, as part of my activities within the IRIS plateform, I bring my expertise to the investigation of various problems in neuroscience requiring the setting up of appropriate image processing pipelines and the exploitation of large image databases.


Since 2005 : Research Engineer, CNRS, ICube
june 2015 : Habilitation degree , UDS, Strasbourg
2002 - 2006 : PhD degree, LSIIT, UMR 7005, ULP, Strasbourg
2001 - 2002 : master degree in Mechanics and Engineering, Biomechanics option, ULP, Strasbourg
1999 - 2002 : Engineer degree from ENSPS (Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Physique de Strasbourg)

PhD thesis supervision

current thesis:

  • "Early assessment of tumor growth from post-surgical residues of glioblastomas in DT-MRI", Thesis of Céline Heimburger (2015-), Co-direction with Izzie Jacques Namer
  • "Diagnostical biomarkers in multimodal brain MRI of Lewy body disease and Alzheimer's disease", Thesis of Elena Chabran (2016-), Co-direction with Frédéric Blanc
  • "Development of a computer model to optimize donor/receiver matching in liver transplantation", Thesis of Pietro Addeo (2017-), Co-supervision with Benoit Naegel (director), Philippe Bachellier (co-director) and Adrien Krähenbühl (supervisor).
  • "Novel radiomics approaches for characterization of liver tumours by image analysis", Thesis of Farid Ouhmich (2017-), Co-direction with Fabrice Heitz, supervisor: Vincent Agnus.
  • "Unified framework for change detection in multimodal brain MRI. Application to the follow-up of multiple sclerosis patients", Thesis of Eléonore Dufresne, (2018-), Co-direction with Stéphane Kremer, supervisor: Denis Fortun

defended thesis:

  • "Multivariate regression model for comparing populations in diffusion MRI", Thesis of Alix Bouchon (2012-2016), Co-supervision with Fabrice Heitz
  • "Quantitative imaging of ventilation double-energy computed tomography", Thesis of Mickael Ohana (2013-2016), Co-supervision with Fabrice Heitz and Catherine Roy